SMS Broadcasting Service For Speedy Confirmation of Safety of Employees in Overseas

SMS Broadcasting Service Makes Speedy Confirmation of Safety of Everyone in Overseas!
Simple operation to help users in emergency:Reply by selecting the option!Automatic resend of the message to persons without reply
Transmit across boarders!Expanding service area!

Simultaneously communicate and confirm with employees abroad

For Details

SMS Broadcasting Service combines “interactivity”, “message tracking”, and “DOCOMO quality” with SMS technology that is supported by mobile phone devices worldwide.

  • E-mail also supported!
  • Transmit to mobile phone number!
  • Mobile carrier free!
  • From anywhere!

Convenient Use of SMS Broadcasting Service

For Details
  • Confirm Safety in Disaster


    It can perform the safety confirmation of the employee quickly by using it at the time of the natural disasters such as earthquakes and an accident and outbreak.

  • Urgent Notification from School


    Utilize as a communication tool to notify parent of urgent information like temporary closing of schools due to influenza, etc.

  • Corporate Promotion and Survey


    Communicate with customers – shop guide, campaigns, new product survey, delivery date of the product, etc.

Can be used in daily communication without emergency communication.Use in ordinary occasions prepares users for an emergency usage.

Advantage of SMS Broadcasting Service

  1. No initial cost for end users

    By utilizing SMS, there are no restrictions on carrier selection for users. No software installation is required.

  2. Transmit from anywhere!

    The manager can send message from anywhere if Internet is available.

  3. Transmit across borders!

    Can transmit to major telecommunication carrier SIM device in the covered areas. The service area covers 17 countries in Asia and is extension. There is no restriction on language...

  4. Simple reply from users!

    User replies with 1 letter as response allowing quick aggregation.

  5. Interactivity!

    Suited for safety confirmation with ability to summarize the replies from users.Supports automatic resend a message to uses with no-reply.

  6. Confirm delivery!

    SMS allows immediate confirmation of receipt anywhere. Suited for safety confirmation with function to aggregate and summarize replies.

  7. Real time aggregation!

    SMS transmission result, response status, etc. can be confirmed and summarized in real time.

  8. High quality of only DOCOMO!

    While the service is provided by Mobile Innovation, an affiliate of DOCOMO, the system utilizes technologies from NTT group.

Transmit across borders! Service area extension!

SMS service for SIM based mobile devices of major telecommunication operator in 17 countries and regions, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Australia, India, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Guam and Japan (As of April 2018).

The coverage is extension.

The service is available in the roaming areas outside of the country of the above described SIM issuing telecommunication operator.