Frequently Asked Questions

Service in General

What is SMS?

SMS (Short Message Service) is a service to transmit and receive a short message between mobile phones. It is also called text message. The service is internationally standardized and supports GSM /CDMA, global mobile standard; therefore, most of the mobile phone devices including ones sold in Japan are installed with the service (function).
SMS has following features.

- Ability to transmit to a phone number.
- A message is exchanged through voice communication control signals.
- Each message length is limited to 160 character.

Are there any other transmission method besides SMS?

From 2013 December it became sending and receiving possible even with E-mail.

What is the Services Overview?

With ASP service of customer business of corporate body, to everyone of the employee who from the administrator of the customer is registered in advance by way of Internet et. al, message (SMS or E-mail) it is the service which is transmitted simultaneously.
In addition it is possible to set the choices to the message text, the people who receive message reply, it is service of the both tropism that the manager can grasp the totaling result.
Furthermore as for SMS which was transmitted simultaneously as a major feature, the positive response whether or not it has reached of, comes off.

Who is the distributor of this service?

As for this service the application which DOCOMO developed overseas affiliated firm of the tie which is the subsidiary company of DOCOMO in the base:Mobile Innovation becomes a selling subject, service we offer. The customer making a contract with Mobile Innovation directly, it receives, or applies to the agency of each country.

In which country do we request for the service?

Service applying and billing are handled differently depending on the country.
Currently, the service can be applying in Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan and China. Please inquire details.

Is there a free trial period?

One month no charge being in compliance with demand, we offer trial.

About a Message Recipient

Are there limitations on devices of message recipients?

Any device supporting SMS can be used. Most of 2G and newer devices support SMS.

Is reply how to do?

In most of the mobile telecommunication carrier, it replies to the number which comes that way. Because the choices of the text are allocated with alphabet 1 letter or 2 letters, it becomes the shape which replying, receives only the alphabet 1 letter or 2 letters.

The mobile telecommunication carrie of the Malaysian portion customer of utilization, and as for the customer of utilization, the transmission origin and number for reply to differ in India, because more and more, other way notification it receives the number for reply to the user, or it becomes the use which statement it receives in the message text.

Does the message support Japanese?

Yes, If the terminal of receiving end is corresponding, message transmission is possible even with other languages.

About a System

SMS has limitation on the number of letters. Is there a limitation on this service as well?

SMS, in its international specification, has limitation of 160 character per message. When a longer message is distributed over the service, the message is split in transmissions. Depending on the recipient’s device, the messages are received separately or in combination. With E-mail it depends on also the capacity of the receiving end server, but per 1 it is transmission possible to 50MB.

Are security and reliability of the server all right?

It receives the server vulnerability diagnosis which DOCOMO corporation executes in regard to diagnosis and clears all items.
In addition, the server, application and the database are redundantly converted, reliability is guaranteed.

Is the manager being in the country of wherever, in addition operational even with plural?

If only Internet connection it is, it is operational from in any country. In addition, also it is possible to set the group of managers.

As for the manager as for the necessity to download the software it is?

Because it is cloud service, download of application and the like is not necessary.

How doing, it registers the data ahead message transmitting?

The data ahead transmitting in the administrator compiles from the management screen of web. Furthermore, also bundle upload and download with the CSV file are possible.

Billing & Payments

What is the Billing & Payments?

There are an initial registration and monthly charge.
The initial registration charge is for every number registered for the first time.
As for month amount fee there is a basic fee which rates vis-a-vis the quantity of ID which is registered at point in time of end of the month. Ahead transmitting per 1ID monthly 5 free messages are included in basic fee.
Exceeding free amount, when message it was transmitted, excess message fee is required.

Who pays for the reply?

The reply cost is paid by the user (recipient of the message).
In case of SMS, ahead replying SMS fee to number is claimed from the portable telephone enterprise which the customer has made a contract.


How is the operational support provided?

It becomes correspondence with the mail. 24 hour acceptances, The responses are provided during the business hours.(Weekday 10:00 – 17:00 Thailand time) Japanese and English are supported.

Private Information

The private information which is kept from the customer (telephone number E-mail address), under agreement of the customer, the cloud server Being similar, as for managing in regard to legal regulation of each country there is no problem, probably will be?

In regard to legal regulation of each country which develops service there is no problem.

Is private information management appropriate?

The database is encoded. In addition it limits the access to the database, at the same time has managed at secure data center.


From the SMS transmission enterprise and the provider, under agreement of the customer, as for transmitting simultaneous multiple address SMS and E-mail vis-a-vis the portable telephone of each country in regard to legal regulation there is no problem, probably will be?

In regard to legal regulation of each country which develops service there is no problem.