SMS Broadcasting Service:Usage Scene

Use Cases

  • Confirmation of employee safety in disasters
  • Emergency communication method & safety confirmation for students and parents of Japanese school
Besides the safety confirmation and emergency communication, the service can be applied and utilized in various business scenes.
SMS Broadcasting Service:Japanese schools, Japanese companies abroad, Solution service for various industries

SMS Broadcasting Service:Usage Examples

By uploading csv file(user data) to the cloud server beforehand, simultaneous transmission of SMS message is possible from any PC/tablet when emergency communication is needed. E-mail transmission is also possible. (E-mail and SMS data can be automatically aggregated together.)

Most suitable tool to communicate with many people simultaneously.

  • Safety Confirmation & BCP:Political demo in District A. Return your status.:A.OK B.NG C.Call back
  • Information for Business Travelers:Typhoon damage is expected in Country B, avoid going out if not necessary
  • Urgent Information Sharing:Press release on ●● is planned tomorrow.Please handle the information with care:A. Confirmed
  • Service Trouble Information Sharing:●● service server is down. Please check the status ASAP.