SMS Broadcasting Service

Today, many Japanese companies have offices abroad, especially in Southeastern Asia.
Possibility of encountering natural disasters and various incidents in abroad is high. And because the employees are abroad, the companies have higher needs to confirm the safety of employees on real time basis.
The mobile phone is best suited for confirming safety. However, there are less mobile network operators supporting mail addresses like i-mode mail in Japan; thus building a system for real time confirmation has been difficult.
Also managing mail addresses is not easy since they can be freely changed by users.

So we have created a cloud based SMS Broadcasting Service combining “interactivity”, “message tracking”, and “DOCOMO quality” with SMS technology that is supported by mobile phone devices worldwide.

SMS Broadcasting Service

By uploading user data to the cloud server beforehand, simultaneous transmission of SMS message is possible from any PC/tablet when emergency communication is needed. E-mail transmission is also possible (E-mail and SMS data can be automatically aggregated together.)

An effective tool to communicate with many people simultaneously.

SMS Broadcasting Service:1.Instruction for transmission2.SMS Broadcast3.Received4.Send the alphabet indicating the status5.Check reply status6.Automatic resend of the message to persons without reply.


SMS (Short Message Service) is a service to transmit and receive a short message between mobile phones. It is also called text message.
The service is internationally standardized and supports GSM/CDMA; therefore, most of the mobile phone devices including ones sold in Japan are installed with the service (function).
SMS has following features:

  • - Ability to transmit to a phone number.
  • - A message is exchanged through voice communication control signals.
  • - Each message length is limited to
    160 character.
SMS (Short Message Service) is a service to transmit and receive a short message between mobile phones.